1.Please close the antivirus software when you install the software.
Please plug in the dongle when you open the software.

2.If the CE6000-40 cut out the template size is very small, please check the cutter setting .set the length of the cutting machine unit to mm:At the same time press the fast key and up key when machine     starts. Will resetting the machine. Set the language, set the unit length units.
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3.Do not arbitrarily replace the data line and the computer is connected to the USB hole, otherwise it will appear cutting machine copy, resulting in software can’t cutting machine is connected, if cutting    machine copy, please find the location of the printer, check which cutting machine icon is lit, Choose the bright drive to cut.(A158/B168/ce6000-10)
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4.The Ce6000-40, the two rollers must be aligned with two blue lines, otherwise will can’t cut.
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5.The light sensitive hole of the ce6000-40 need to be stuck.
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6.The setting of the software.
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7.The software will find the cutter automatically after you connect them. If can’t find the cutter automatically, need to manually install the driver.
Manually install the cutting machine driver steps.
Connect power line and data line. open the cutter, the computer will be prompted to find new hardware . will be automatically install , if can’t automatically install ,you can right click my computer—manage—device manager—there is other option -left click it-will see the daqinA158/B168-right click on the DaqinA158/B168 –update the DaqinA158B168 — Browse— automatic search/Browse, manually search—find the cutter drive(DaqinA158 B168 Drive),next –complete.

8.If the ce6000 have the communication error, need to reconnect the data line.
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9. ce6000,the two roller length is actual cutting length。
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10.Shortcut key
F3 Show / hide the phone
F4 change line color
F5 display the ruler
F6 adjust the background image to the phone size.
J rotate 90 degrees

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