Making custom skins stickers for game controller

Below are the game controller with custom skins stickers that made by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine. Learn more about DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, kindly check link:

How to produce custom mobile phone sticker with your personal photo?

Personal photo can be made into custom mobile phone stickers of any brand smartphone in the world, as long as you have the DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine. The format of the photo could be jpg, jpeg, png and bmp. … Read More

Mobile phone stickers for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Not only Samsung Galaxy note 4, but also any model mobile phone in the world can get custom mobile phone stickers by the Daqin mobile phone sticker machines. Newly released mobile phone such as the Samsung Galaxy 6 edge, HTC … Read More

Goat mobile phone sticker made of silver shining printing film

The goat mobile phone sticker looks a little different, do you know why?  Yes, since it’s made of silver shining film. The silver shining effect is great.   Above silver shining mobile skins are made by the Daqin mobile sticker … Read More

The mobile phone stickers’raw materials introduction: diamond shining films

This article is a brief introduction for a specific type of film material called the diamond shining film, which is the raw material for producing the mobile skins of various mobile phones. If you have any question, you could leave … Read More

From student to owner of a custom cellphone skins store

Sofia studies art design in the college for 2 years. This year she will leave the campus to start her own job. Since she likes painting, she decided to start her first job that related with painting. Also she likes … Read More

IPhone 6 releasing date is preliminarily set on mid-September

Foreign Tech Media 9to5Mac says that, according to news from insider of Apple, Apple is now preparing an important product launch for the hardware, which will be the first initial conference for hardware in 2014. The leading actor in the … Read More

The cellphone skins introduction

Usually a cellphone case will be put on a newly purchased cellphone, for a good protection of anti-scratch and anti-bump as well as a nice decoration. Gradually the cellphone case becomes a necessity good together with the cellphone; however, is … Read More

The advantage of selling the custom cellphone skins

Why should I start the business of selling custom cellphone skins? How much can I earn for each cellphone skin? Where can I get the machines and materials to produce the custom cellphone skins? Those are the common questions come … Read More

The custom cellphone skins business story

Here I would like to share a story about the cellphone skins business with you, which may give you some inspiration for your own business. My friend Tom owns a digital photography shop. He has 5 years-experience of managing this … Read More