1. The cause of the motherboard burned out?
① Insert or pull out line on the mainboard when machine starts.
② Line connection error on the motherboard.
③ Beam is not right, boot laser can’t properly reset, resistance too large, lead to motherboard burn out.
④ Earth wire isn’t connected, electrostatic interference.
2. Causes of lens damage?
① The double faced adhesive tape touch the lens when you test the light path, the glue left on the lens, not wipe clean, start use the laser
② Use the laser when there is alcohol on the lens.
3. Causes of machine cutting dislocation.
The machine ground wire is not connected, electrostatic interference mainboard.
4. To cut out of screen protector film has edges, what is the reason?
The current is small, light path is not correct, the focal length is not good, the lens is dirty.(Especially 3 lens and focus lens)
5. The screen protector one side is can cut through ,the other side can’t cut through, what is the reason?
The current is small, light path is not correct, the lens is dirty, cellular platform is inclined.
6. Why cut out the screen is inclined, or not closed?
① The beam is inclined, the solution method–correct the beam.
② The three belt tightness is not the same, solution method–Tighten the screw with a screwdriver to control belt.
7. How to draw screen protector template in the software?

8. How to draw and import screen protector template?

9.Export Corel Draw template to DAQIN film cutter master

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