1. After getting the printer, what should be done to prepare before the boot?
① Filling ink,pumping the small ink cartridges. Check whether the waste ink cartridge is connected, Check whether the waste ink tube in the waste in cartridge.
② Install driver.
2. The order of the Install driver and the boot?
First, install driver from the CD, then boot.
3. Daily maintenance
Every day must be boot and do nozzle checking.
4. As do nozzle checking, head cleaning, printing the mobile case ,what should be paid attention ?
① Press the “link” key to set the standard height.
② To ensure that the board is back.
5. Print out the pattern is not clear reason?
① Be printed image itself is not clear.
② With use of a key high button (link), the distance of the phone case and printing head are too large.
③ Mobile case material does not absorb ink.
6. How long don’t boot will plugging print head?
One week
7. If the nozzle check is lack ink, How to do?
① Click the “Head cleaning”, At most continue cleaning twice.
② With the “cleaning” button on the machine, manual cleaning the print head.
8. How much is the working temperature?
10 to 35 degrees Celsius
9. What reason after printing out with white lace?
① Put the mobile on the wrong position
② Measure the size is wrong
③Crop error
10. If the mobile case height is not the same, how to set the print height?
With the highest point as the standard, the highest point distance print head 2~3 mm.

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