DQ1-20 Mobile phone tattoo laser engraving machine

mobile phone tattoo laser engraving machine

One. Application

  1. Compatible materials:  Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, most of the metallic material and some nonmetallic
    material; PC transparent case, mobile phone sticker and screen protector, TPU mobile case and electroplated mobile case.
  1. Suitable for making: signature, vector image, custom picture, personalized saying and company logo…etc.


Two. Features

  • Small    Exquisite small size for the machine
  • Fast     The most important feature is fast. It costs 1-2 seconds for engraving a section of text.
  • Accurate   Software control, red-light positioning system, simulate red-light engraving.
  • Strong      Very high penetrating power. Suitable for hard metallic mobile accessories, hard PC case and mobile
    case and also for soft PVC screen protectors.



Three. Specifications

DQ1-20,phone case tattoo

Four. Delivery time: 2 weeks

Five. Packing: inner protection film & wooden box

Six. Warranty: 1 year



mobile phone tattoo laser engraving machine

Video of Mobile phone tatoo laser engraving machine engraving TPU custom mobile case. Also can engrave on any mobile skin, screen protector, electroplated mobile case, mobile back cover…etc.:

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwdS4hs8ho4″ autoplay=”yes” loop=”yes” rel=”no”]

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