Let’s take a look at the detailed process of making custom phone skins for HTC One ME.

Firstly, open the software for design phone skins. (DAQIN mobile beauty master) Select the brand HTC, and then select the model HTC One ME. Upload your custom picture.

daqin mobile beauty master,mobile skin software

Secondly, print it on the A4 size printing design film by 6 colors inkjet printer.

mobile skin printer,phone skins printer

Thirdly, laminate a thin layer of lamination effect film to make the phone skins waterproof and anti-scratch.

mobile skin laminator,phone skins  machine

Fourthly, cut it into custom skins for HTC One ME.

custom phone skins machine,phone skins cutter

Peel off the skins from the backing paper, and then apply it on HTC One ME.

custom phone skins,phone skins,daqin custom phone skins,phone skins,daqin

Looks great!

HTC ONE ME, HTC One Me HTC ONE ME, HTC One Me HTC ONE ME, HTC One Me HTC ONE ME, HTC One Me custom phone skins,phone skins,daqin

Above custom phone skins are made by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine.

Learn more about the machine: https://www.chinee.net/custom-mobile-skin-system.html‎

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