Hello everyone!
We are glad to inform you, our software adds in a lot of new mobile case model. Our company newly developed mobile case composite mirror technique, combined with our software, Let the mobile case making technology has made a big leap. Produced a lot of youth, fashion, popular mobile case.
Mobile case no longer so heavy like before,workmanship is more and more fine, he protection function is getting better and better. With the mobile phone models more and more, the mobile case types also more and more. Now we put the mobile phone shell is divided into 13 categories on the market . And included in the mobile phone software.
Please pay attention to details : https://www.chinee.net/daqin-new-mobile-case-classification.html
In addition, we eliminated the old, outdated mobile case model. If you don’t have to buy the old mobile case from us, please delete the useless mobile case model, eliminated mobile case model is not used to stay in the database, the database looks messy, will affect the search speed of useful data, please manually delete the phone shell data is eliminated.
Detailed steps:
1.Find the installation location of the software, open the data file
2.Search the “case” and “shell” under the “data” folder. Then delete all case model and shell model.
3. Letv mobile phone has become an independent brand in the database, after the software upgrade, you can remove the Letv mobile phone mobile from other brands.
First, find the other folder, open it, then search the “Letv” under the “other” folder, will see many Letv model, then delete all Letv model.

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