mobile skin printing film

Printing design film is the material of making customized stickers of mobile phones, which is divided into 2 materials: one is waterproof; another one is PVC with special coating layer for printing.
The printing design film including: white film for printing design, transparent film for printing design, and silver glitter film for printing. The 3M white film for printing design is the most popular one among them.

Item Content
Product Number P001
Thickness 0.12mm
Glue Ordinary Glue
Stretchability 20%
Product Material Polyethylene
Size Available
By Sheet:
By Roll:
Width 20cm/30cm/40cm
Storage Should be stored in clean, dry area. Avoid sunshine, keep temperature under 38?
Competitive price, excellent printing effect, one of the widely used products.

Argentina-coolpad4mini (6)

1. Design the pattern of sticker by the Daqin mobile beauty master software, and then print the material by the printer.
2. After print the material, and then laminate it.

Market Value
1. Making customized designs; one of the core materials of the mobile phone DIY decoration project.
2. Low cost; High added value; Great profit.
3. Easy operation; High-speed; Mass production.
4. Making stickers for the mobile phone, notebook, digital camera, ipad, PSP etc.
5. Sticker with blow-hole, everyone can paste the sticker on the mobile phone very easily.


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