Why should I start the business of selling custom cellphone skins? How much can I earn for each cellphone skin? Where can I get the machines and materials to produce the custom cellphone skins? Those are the common questions come in the mind of thousands of people who have the interest to join in the cellphone skins business.

selling the custom cellphone skins01 selling the custom cellphone skins02
1. Big market
Nowadays, almost everyone have 1 set of cellphone. Some even have 2 or more sets of cellphones. Also, the young group of customers has a tendency that willing to spend money on the decoration and protection of their beloved smartphones. Especially for those comparatively expensive cellphones such as iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC one M8…etc. The customers are more willing to spend money on the mobile accessories such as the cellphone cases, cellphone skins…etc.

2. Huge profit
The cost for each cellphone skin produced by the Daqin 3D mobile skin designing & making system is ranging from 0.2 to 0.7 US dollars depends on different raw materials, while the sales price could be as higher as 5 to 20 US dollars. You see, how huge the profit is!

3. Suitable for all cellphones
The Daqin 3D mobile skin designing & making system is capable of producing custom stickers for all brands and models of cellphones all around the world. The 3D Daqin mobile beauty master software contains more than 3,000 cellphone sticker cutting templates. This software will be updated monthly to add the latest models in the market, so that the Daqin system will always capable of producing custom cellphone skins for the latest model cellphones. Also, the 3D Daqin mobile beauty master software allows you to draw the cellphone sticker cutting template all by yourself. When you have custom cellphone skins business for the local cellphone, while the software happens to don’t include its cutting templates, you could draw by yourself.

4. Small investment
The Daqin 3D mobile skin designing & making system is for small business use, which requires a minimum investment of about 2,200 US dollars. The system includes the kit of: software+printer+laminator+cutter+materials. The software is a stand-alone version, no need internet. It requires only 1 person for the whole producing process, however, if your business is large, you could hire more stuff as well.

5. Easy operation
The custom cellphone skins making process is simple and fast. It cost about 3 to 5 minutes to make custom cellphone skins for 2 sets of cellphones. Daqin provide the training video for the customers, and the after sales staff will be always willing to help. Everyone can be a master of making custom cellphone skins.

If you have interest to start the business of selling custom cellphone skins, Daqin will be your ideal choice.selling the custom cellphone skins03

selling the custom cellphone skins04

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