The passage is written for those who have interest of producing mobile phone stickers. The raw materials of mobile phone sticker usually are vinyl films with different textures. Those special texture film materials can be directly cut into a certain shape that perfectly fit the mobile phone. We’ve already introduced multiple film materials before, for more information please search for our previous articles or comment below this passage, we will get back to you soon.

Let’s take a close look at the transparent carbon fiber film:

transparent carbon fiber film,transparent carbon fiber,carbon fiber

As we can see from the picture, the texture of the film is similar with the carbon fiber film, while the difference is that the film material is transparent. Due to the transparent feature, after apply the transparent carbon fiber mobile phone stickers, the original color of the mobile phone is still visible.

The picture below is the transparent carbon fiber film which appears to be white color. This is because the backing paper is white. When peel it off from the backing paper you will see the original color of the film.

transparent carbon fiber film,carbon fiber film, carbon fiber,mobile sticker paper

Produced with advanced craft, the transparent carbon fiber film belongs to the high-end product. The excellent performance makes it stand out from ordinary film materials. The visual effect of the textures is unique, since it reveals original color of the smartphone.

When look closely at the film, every detail is very exquisite. Touch the surface of the film, the rugged and organized surface feels nice.

When apply the transparent carbon fiber custom cellphone stickers on the mobile cover, the below holes on the sticky side of the film can make it bubble-free. For the edge of the sticker, it won’t lifting or breaking. The sticker will soon become tightly stick to the mobile phone and it can firmly stay there for years. However, if you actively peel it off manually, it still can be removed and no residue will be left at all.

For those smartphone with colorful cover, such as the DOOV D330, the back cover is light green and pink color. Once applied on the transparent carbon fiber sticker, the color becomes lighter and it creates a unique effect.

The mobile sticker can cover the entire body of the smartphone, including the back, front, top, bottom and the sides. The ports and buttons will be reserved. For large home button on iPhone 5S, or other brand smartphone, the home button sticker is optional.

transparent carbon fiber,transparent carbon fiber film,transparent film

transparent carbon fiber,carbon fiber film,carbon fiber sticker

transparent carbon fiber, carbon fiber film,carbon fiber sticker

carbon carbon fiber sticker,transparent carbon fiber,transparent carbon fiber film

transparent carbon fiber, transparent carbon, carbon fiber

transparent carbon fiber sticker,transparent carbon fiber skin,mobile phone sticker,custom cellphone stickers


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