Theme : Free to update newest models     First-phase

Time :15th -30th, April,2015

Target population participation : All clients who bought mobile skin software

Objectives : Let more clients use our newest software and newest models ,then do custom mobile skin business better .

Participation Methods : Send your answer for the question as follows :

  1. How did you find us and our custom mobile skin making system ?
  2. Please write more than 8 different words to describe our goods,such as : mobile skin making system ,phone skin design software…..
  3. Do you think how can we improve our software ,machine or materials ,so that you can do business better ?
  4. Which models do you need us to add into software ?
  5. How do you do business ? by online store or physical store ? Can you share with your website or photo of your shop ,will be better if you are in the photo with your shop ?
  6. Share with us 3 or more photos for custom mobile skins which are your favorite DIY
  7. Company Wechat :  PhoneSkin  ,welcome to follow us 

Please send your answers and your Usbkey number to our support of aftersales ,You can get privilege to update models freely ,one month ,two month ,six month or more ,Mr.Philip will give you a surprise according to your answers once get your email ,so come on 🙂

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