What is the “3D Daqin mobile beauty master”?

“3D Daqin mobile beauty master”(DAQIN Custom Sticker Design Master 2015) is the core software of the custom mobile phone sticker machines. It makes the process of customize design and production becomes easy. Also, it makes the finished products standardized, customized effects diversified. What’s more, it’s the basic carrier that derives other customized product making machine. The release of the “3D Daqin mobile beauty master” is a symbol that the mobile phones enter into an era of truly customization. Once again, it leads the whole industry of mobile phone sticker machines.

3D Daqin mobile beauty master

Software Feature Overview

1) Menu bar
2) Layer operation area, for adding the tools of layer properties
3) Layer select area, for select layer properties.
4) Design area, which could also display the preview, or edit the layer parameters
5) Fast saving area, for saving the design temporally, by using for Multi-image design.
6) Display the news and in information.(Internet connection required)
7) Status bar, it also shows the hot-keys.

Software interface


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