England customer visit DAQIN in Beijing China

England customer visit DAQIN in Beijing China for the business cooperation of DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, custom laptop skin system, anti-shock tempered glass screen protector cutting machine, mobile phone tattoo laser engraving machine and related raw materials. He speak … Read More

Making deep pink cellphone skins for any cellphone

Within 10 seconds, the deep pink film can be cut into cellphone skins for any brand mobile phone by DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine. DAQIN provide hundreds of different colors and textures films for producing mobile skins, as well as … Read More

Cellphone skins for the movie Fast & Furious 7

By the help of Daqin cellphone skins making machines, we made this great custom cellphone skins for iPhone 6 plus with the design picture from the movie of Fast & Furious 7. Within 3 minute the making process can be … Read More

Custom skins for iPhone 6 plus in memory of Paul Walker

The movie Fast & Furious 7 was very hot all around the world. We specially make custom skins for iPhone 6 plus with Paul Walker’s photo in memory of this great movie star.  Below custom skins are made by Daqin … Read More

Cell phone skins for Paul Walker in the movie Fast & Furious

This is the cell phone skins made by the Daqin cell phone skins machines. We made this in memory of him. The photo is printed on the special 3M vinyl film, and then after the making process of laminating and … Read More

Cell phone skins of Fast & Furious

As a fan of Fast & Furious, we made this cell phone skins in memery of Paul Walker. Produced by the Daqin custom cell phone skins system. This is for iPhone 6 plus. By the way, Daqin custom cell phone … Read More

Cellphone skins making machine-Laminator

The machines for making cellphone skins are: printer, laminator and cutter. Here we’d like to show you the laminator. It’s cold laminate. No need of heat. So please remember to turn off the heat before you start the lamination process. … Read More

Mobile phone stickers designing software

3D Daqin mobile beauty master from Daqin, is a professional software for designing custom mobile phone stickers. Below is the interface of the software. With the design picture from the movie “Fast & Furious 7”. The mobile phone model is … Read More

Making custom cell phone skins for Fast & Furious 7

Below are cell phone skins for the movie of Fast & Furious 7 made by the Daqin mobile phone sticker machines. Do you like? Firstly, select the mobile phone model of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and then input custom photo … Read More

How to make Cinderella mobile phone sticker?

The process of making Cinderella mobile phone sticker by Daqin custom mobile skin system is showed as below: Firstly, open the software of Daqin mobile beauty master. Select the mobile phone model, then upload the custom picture of Cinderella.   … Read More