To earn 10,000 US dollars per month seems not easy, however, with the Daqin custom cellphone stickers machines, you can make it come ture easily.

Each custom cellphone sticker can bring you profit of 2.5 to 10 US dollars or even more, depends on the materials of each cellphone stickers. Looks really nice, isn’t it? What’s more, produce it after you get order, so that no need to worry about the inventory at all.

Below picture shows a custom cellphone stickers for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

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When apply the custom cellphone stickers to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, just take it easy, the customer can do this by themselves. The glue on the back of the sticker is weak at the beginning, so that it can easily peeled off once you mistakenly applied it on the phone cover. After several days of installation, the custom cellphone stickers will become tightly stick to the phone cover.

Follow this link to learn more about the Daqin mobile phone sticker machines:‎

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