Video-How to make Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge custom mobile phone skin?

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How to produce Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge mobile skins stickers?

With DAQIN mobile phone sticker machine, you can easily produce custom mobile skins for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge within 3 minutes. The production process is showed below: Firstly, open the software of 3D Daqin mobile beauty master. Select the brand … Read More

Making custom mobile skins of Iron Man for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Edition was launched as a limited edition device of which only 1,000 units were produced. Searching for the device on the e-commerce site, we can see that the prices are from around $2,900 … Read More

Make your cellphone personalized by the cellphone skins

Tired of replacing expensive cellphone cases for your beloved cellphone? Why not try the cellphone skins instead! The thin layer of cellphone skins can be manually applied on the cover easily. It’s also easy to peeled it off without leaving … Read More

Phone stickers with your custom design on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Before the releasing of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Daqin has already made the phone stickers template for this new mobile phone and then add it to the phone stickers software of Daqin mobile beauty master. Below picture shows the … Read More

Making custom cellphone stickers for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

To earn 10,000 US dollars per month seems not easy, however, with the Daqin custom cellphone stickers machines, you can make it come ture easily. Each custom cellphone sticker can bring you profit of 2.5 to 10 US dollars or even … Read More

Produce mobile phone stickers by Daqin machines

Do you want to make money fast? Daqin mobile phone sticker machines are your ideal choice. You can produce custom mobile phone stickers all by yourself and then sell them online or in the physical store.  It takes only 3 … Read More

The 1st Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge custom mobile skin in the world

The estimated release date of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is 10th April, 2015. However, today is 2nd April, 2015, Daqin has already created the 1st custom mobile skin for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge! Let’s take a look at the gadget! … Read More