Usually a cellphone case will be put on a newly purchased cellphone, for a good protection of anti-scratch and anti-bump as well as a nice decoration. Gradually the cellphone case becomes a necessity good together with the cellphone; however, is there any optional solution for the cellphone case? The answer is yes, that’s the cellphone skins.

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The cellphone skins produced by the Daqin 3D mobile skin designing and making system is among the best cellphone skins of the world. Thanks to the software of Daqin 3D mobile beauty master Ver. 2015, it’s possible to make custom cellphone skins for any brand model of cellphone in the market.


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The cellphone skins are a thin layer of adhesive vinyl films that applies on the surface of the cellphone. The front, back, upward, downward and the sides of the cellphone will be all covered with the cellphone skins. In another word, the cellphone skins will be perfectly fit with your cellphone even it will looks as if it’s part of the cellphone.

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The customers prefer to print the cellphone skins with their favorite patterns, which could be a human portrait, group photo, landscape painting or other designs. Also, the cellphone skins could be other materials such as PVC, Leather and so on. DAQIN provide multiple choices to make a custom cellphone skins, such as the wooden films, leather films, snake skin films, crocodile skin films, carbon fiber films, color shining films, brushed metal films… etc. All of those materials are with multiple colors for selection.

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Compare with the cellphone cases, the cellphone skins are thinner. For example, the cellphone cases could be as thin as 2 millimeters, while the cellphone skins of 3M vinyl film could be as thin as 60 micro meters. The thinner the protective layer is, the better for the heat dissipate. Especially when the CPU occupation is high, such as when playing games or watching movies on the cellphone. Also, the cellphone skins could be laminated with various effects while the cellphone cases don’t. Such as glossy, matte, flash-mate, ice flower, twill effect, leather effect and the 3D water drops effect. The sticker could be peeled off easily without residue, on this point of view it’s very convenient same with the cellphone case.

DAQIN provide custom sticker solution not only for cellphone, but also for other electronic devices such as the tablet, MP3, PSP… etc. Still, the most popular one is the custom stickers for cellphones.

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