Here I would like to share a story about the cellphone skins business with you, which may give you some inspiration for your own business.

My friend Tom owns a digital photography shop. He has 5 years-experience of managing this store. One day a customer take a phone call in his store, when he happened to see the customer’s phone was applied with a custom cellphone skin of his lover. The custom cellphone skins integrate with the smartphone so well that it looks like the original phone printed with personal photo. Tom was very interested for such gadget so he inquired the customers in details. At last he understands that the custom cellphone skin is cut from a well-printed sticker according to the corresponding smartphone template, and then manually applied on the surface of the smartphone.

Soon Tom makes a marketing research and realized that those custom cellphone skins supplier requires franchising, which means he has to invest a large amount of money for a brand that doesn’t belong to him. Since I happened to know the Daqin’s solution to make custom cellphone skins, so I introduce the Daqin 3D mobile skin designing & making system to him.

small business

Tom was so surprised that Daqin supplies everything to make the custom sticker for any cellphone with any brand or model. The kit to make custom cellphone skins include: software, printer, laminator, cutter and materials. The most important part is that, Daqin never requires franchising, which means that Tom could use his own brand and logo to become a new custom cellphone skins supplier. Just with a small investment of 2,400 to 3,000 US dollars.

Tom started the custom cellphone business in last year. The customers, who come to the digital photography shop to let the photographer take photo of them, are very interested for the service of custom cellphone skins. They would have a try with their photo that just taken to make the cellphone skins, especially for those lovers or couples.

Tom’s business of both photography and cellphone skins are both very hot. Thanks to the Daqin 3D mobile skin designing & making system, Tom successfully expand his business and earn more money.

In Tom’s store, there are 2 staffs specially in charge of making custom cellphone skins. One is responsible for running the software; another one is responsible for the handwork such as take the materials, apply the sticker on the cellphone etc. It takes 3 to 5 minutes to finish the whole process for 2 sets of cellphones.

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