iPhone 7 Plus custom glossy case

iPhone 7 Plus customized glossy case review – made by DAQIN mobile case machine

Below custom glossy case for iPhone 7 Plus is made by DAQIN mobile case machine.

Tutorial of making customized anti-shock anti-slip case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6/6S

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iPhone 6S Plus silver shining customized glossy case review

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge unboxing – Silver Titanium – made by DAQIN

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Founder of DAQIN Mr. Junfeng Li talk about mobile case history & DAQIN composite mirrored technique

DAQIN’s founder Mr. Junfeng Li talk about the history of mobile case and DAQIN composite mirrored technique which is the latest technique for making customized mobile case for any brand and model of mobile phone in the world. [su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/rQRUP86WEXc” … Read More